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Delaney Design's "NO SPAM" Policy

A message from Bob Delaney, owner of Delaney Design...

In short, Delaney Design does not send out unsolicited e-mails (or "spam") to anyone for any reason whatsoever.

If you have received spam which appears to be from anyone at delaneydesign.com, please be assured that such e-mail was not sent to you by Delaney Design and in fact it likely never even touched my mail server. Spam is completely out of control these days. I personally receive over 100 unsolicited messages a day in my inbox. But unfortunately, the people responsible for sending out most of the spam we all receive on a daily basis are experts at forging return addresses and covering their tracks so the anti-spammers can't hunt them down like the dogs that they are! Okay, perhaps that's a bit dramatic, but you get the idea.

I firmly believe in marketing my services only through conventional methods and only for the services I offer on this web site. I've even put a "no spamming" policy in place that applies to web hosting clients whose sites are hosted on the Delaney Design server. The only people who get email messages from me are either existing clients, or people who have asked me for information about my services.

If you have received spam from someone with "delaneydesign.com" in the return address, you are welcome and encouraged to contact me about it using the contact page on this site. I will respond to all inquiries - but please be aware that there's not much I or anyone can do to prevent this type of forgery. Since this type of forged spam doesn't go through my mail server, there's no way for me to prevent it from happening.

Bob Delaney
Owner, Delaney Design