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Web Design Services

Whether you need a new web site designed from the ground up, or you just need an existing site re-designed or updated, Delaney Design offers a wide range of web design services at very competitive rates. Services offered include:

  • New web sites
  • Site re-designs
  • Site updates & maintenance
  • Web-optimized graphics
  • Web forms (E-mail submission)

Sites Built with Modern Web Standards

Delaney Design creates content-focused sites using modern web standards like (X)HTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) so your new site takes advantage of the capabilities of today's modern browsers and is ready for the future while still working in older browsers.

Easy Updates

New sites created by Delaney Design are constructed with easy updating in mind. Your site will be built to make the process of updating as simple as possible - keeping future maintenance costs low. All new sites are created using Adobe Dreamweaver and are built using custom-designed templates. This means when a site-wide change needs to be made, only the template needs to be updated for the changes to be applied to your entire site. For customers who wish to make their own content updates, Delaney Design recommends using Adobe Contribute. Contribute is an incredibly easy-to-use program that will allow you to make content updates to your site, if desired.

In addition, since all sites are styled exclusively through CSS, site-wide design changes are a snap! By linking all the pages of your site with a single source of CSS, most design changes can be made to all the pages on your site by editing a single CSS file.

Already have a web site?

If you already have a web site, and you simply need someone to update it or maintain it for you, or your site is in need of a redesign - Delaney Design can provide these services.

Web Hosting

Delaney Design uses and recommends Bluehost for your web hosting needs.


Note: when you follow the link above and sign-up for hosting with Bluehost, Delaney Design will receive a commission, but it will not cost you anything extra.

Please contact Delaney Design for more information or questions about web design services or any other services offered.